News from OurKidsCode Ballindangan, Cork

This is the coders of the Ballindangan OurKidsCode Club. We started out in September 2023 after a fantastic introduction from Mary- to date we have really only been finding our feet, or ‘micro: bits’ initially for the first few months and getting to know the various websites and each other.

We met in January 2024, with all six families on board as we made our plan for the year ahead,  meeting twice a month in the local Ballindangan Community Hall which is a Broadband Connection Point. We started out trying the OurKidsCode projects, which gave us a great guide. A particularly challenging part has been the choosing of a project, due to the fact  we are at the start  of  our  journey to  build our understanding with a mostly younger group, we have found though projects with the coding and crafting elements the most fun.

Our next project is to try out OKC “Reflexes”. We would love to try out suggested projects tried by other groups which we will return to in time.

OurKidsCode Club Ballindangan

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