What is OurKidsCode?

OurKidsCode is a community of parents and educators coming together to develop competence in creative computing and have fun learning as a family.

Our Philosophy

We believe confidence grows in a learning environment that is a safe, fun, encouraging and supportive. We believe parents and children enjoy being creative, playful, informed, engaged, curious and empowered.

The approach we have developed ensures the families have the resources to support themselves and each other if they get stuck. We don’t give them the answers straight away, rather point them in the right direction to encourage them to solve their queries by helping each other and testing their code. We believe this is the best way to build confidence and sustain their capacity to continue learning.

Why take part in OurKidsCode?

  • Exploration and creativity
  • Create games you can play
  • Enthusiastic facilitators

Why learn computer programming?

A basis for learning and living: An understanding of computing is essential in the 21st Century, in every school subject and almost every career.

Creativity not consumption: Digital literacy means developing knowledge, craft and character in computing, not just playing games or watching, and is as vital today alongside traditional literacy and numeracy.

Children AND parents: To help your children be future-ready, work with them to develop your and their confidence to try computer programming, logic, graphic design, animation and problem solving.

Why do parents or guardians have to be involved?

Children like learning with their parents, and parents love to help their children. By taking part together, parents show their commitment to this challenging topic and provide patience, persistence and wisdom to match children’s natural curiosity and excitement.

How can we get involved?

There are two main ways you can get involved:

  1. Register for our ‘Confidence Building Workshop’ either online or in your local area. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page and you’ll get invited to register for the next available dates as they are announced.
  2. Volunteer to become an OurKidsCode facilitator. With our support you can start a family coding club in your local school or community. No experience required. No technical skills required. All you need is the desire to get involved. Full training and support provided for free by our team in Trinity College Dublin. Register your interest at the bottom of this page and one our of team will send you more information.

What age range is it for?

OurKidsCode has been developed for families with children of primary school age. Many families will have younger and older children. They are more than welcome and indeed encouraged to join in too.

Is OurKidsCode available in my local area?

We are in the early stages of rolling out to locations all over Ireland. Our map will be updated as soon a locations become available.

If you don’t see your local area on the map – why not get in touch to see how we can support you to start an OurKidsCode club in your area.

What does a workshop involve?

We have workshops that we run online and others in person.  They have some small differences, like being in a room instead of on the computer together, but typically they involve the following same elements:

1. Introductions and getting to know each other.

2. Set up – having all the materials we need and understanding who will do which parts.

3. Create – where we build or create something.

4. Play – the best bit!  We get to play with what we’ve made.

5. Discuss – we chat about how it all went and plan what we could do the next time we meet.

I am registered for an OurKidsCode workshop online and I have a question – who should I contact?

If you have registered via the National Parents Council you should contact them directly.
Tel: +353 1 887 4034 Email: info@npc.ie

If you have registered directly through OurKidsCode or any other method, please contact the OurKidsCode team here.