Microsoft DreamSpace Showcase 2024 – Now open to OurKidsCode Clubs in all counties

If you followed the 2023 Microsoft DreamSpace Showcase, you’ll know we were in pilot mode, only available to Tipperary and Longford.  This year, OurKidsCode Clubs from any county can sign up to take part.  

Want to know more about what the Showcase Day looked like?  Watch this video to get a flavour of the energy and atmosphere from 2023, and get a sense of the opportunity for your family and club to take part in 2024!

We will be hosting a Webinar, with Michael Barrett from DreamSpace, on Tuesday 30th March at 8pm giving further details on how your club can take part in Showcase 2024. Anyone registered, for the Showcase, will receive an email with a link to the Webinar.

Lots of clubs are already enjoying the Dream Space lessons and we would love to see everyone taking part in Showcase 2024 and showing off all those great projects to our coding community. It’s so much fun, so get on board!

Register your interest for DreamSpace Showcase 2024 – click here*

The Rossmore Scratchers are already full of excitement with their preparations. We can’t wait to see what they come up with this year – the challenge is on!

*This is an expression interest form. This gives you access to resources and information – you are not signing up to take part at this stage – that happens later.