Forming a club

  • Bring OurKidsCode to your community
  • Use the guides here to help you set up and run your club for the first four weeks
  • After that, families can decide whether to continue meeting
  • We provide a link to other clubs to exchange advice & experience
OurKidsCode parent leading workshop

An organiser hosts four meetings, increasingly inviting families to take over and sustain their own creative computing club.

After an initial confidence-building meeting, families decide they want to continue doing this kind of creative computing activity.

Initially, the organiser takes the lead, but with each meeting there is increasing responsibility for the families to take charge.

Meeting 1
The organiser  operates an OurKidsCode meeting to build confidence in families to do creative computing together.

Meeting 2
The organiser shows how to involve adults & children and demonstrates the design and how it will vary as they work together. 

Meeting 3
The organiser  encourages the appointment of family organisers and give them tasks in running this meeting with support.

Meeting 4
Families run this meeting with support if needed.

What's the idea?

The OurKidsCode project aims to inspire parents to see computing as a creative activity and as a good choice for their children (especially daughters!) as a school subject and possibly a job. The idea is to encourage further meetings, increasingly led by families themselves to achieve longer term sustainability. 

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