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How do I choose a project?

There are many ideas for projects online, almost too many!

These simple considerations – fun, resources and jobs for all – help make the choice.

Sounds like fun?
Fun comes in many ways – it may be making something beautiful or which sounds exciting, investigating an idea that you are curious about or creating a product that is useful and works to meet a challenge.

Got the necessary software & hardware?
Most software is free, accessible on the internet or can be downloaded. Some projects need extra equipment – these can often be bought online from electronics suppliers, so check prices, availability and delivery before committing!

Work to do for everyone and a variety of roles?
For a family group you want to find projects that involve everyone in the family – making and decorating can give opportunity to younger kids, design and programming can suit older kids. Different roles – organiser, designer, programmer and reviewer can also keep everyone involved.

Places to look

Here are some web sites with ideas for projects: