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About OurKidsCode

OurKidsCode is a joint project between Trinity College Dublin and the National Parents Council (Primary) funded by a government grant from Science Foundation Ireland's Discover programme.

Our aim is to support parents/guardians who wish to engage their primary-school children's interest and activity in computing. We want to strengthen the social support around a child by engaging their peers, families, and communities as learning partners. 

How we do it

OurKidsCode aims to increase parents confidence in computing to engage positively with technology alongside their children.

We design, develop, and deliver creative computing workshops for families that help parents/guardians who feel they lack the skills and knowledge to integrate technology into their children's learning activities. 

We support communities to establish family computing clubs throughout Ireland. The clubs and their development are supported by the OurKidsCode team and our online community.

You can view our Child Safeguarding Statement here.

Current Research

Our current research explores how best to

  • design, develop and deliver a new practical workshop model in creative computing which will delight and engage families
  • improve confidence in parents/educators using these workshops with support
  • create and disseminate this model packaged in a toolkit ready for other parents as well as training providers and workshop facilitators to use

The project will be evaluated for its effect on building the confidence in participating parents/guardians and the design and resources will be created as a open educational resource.

We are OurKidsCode

Nina Bresnihan
Project Lead (TCD)
Glenn Strong
Development Lead (TCD)
Richard Millwood
Research Associate (TCD)
Louise Caldwell
Programme Manager (TCD)
Áine Lynch
Project Partner (NPC)

Looking to participate in the project?

In recent years there has been a huge increase in interest in the teaching and learning of computing both in and outside school. Parental involvement in learning activities in the home, particularly in the early years, is strongly associated with better learning outcomes. Parents are also a big influence on their children’s subject and career choice.

However, a lot of Irish parents feel they don’t have the necessary skills and competencies in this area. They also currently feel that they lack information on STEM career options. This project focuses on empowering parents’ personal relationship and competence with computing so that they, in turn, can support their children. Success will be achieved if there is increased confidence to continue activity in this area.

If you are interested in joining the journey or keeping up to date with the project, sign up to our newsletter below. 

Funding and Partners

OurKidsCode is a not-for-profit project. We offer our training free of charge to those interested in bringing OurKidsCode to their local community. It is free for families to take part.

OurKidsCode is a Trinity College Dublin project and is supported by Science Foundation Ireland, Discover Programme, for 2021 and 2022. We have partnered with the National Parents Council (Primary) and the Department of Rural and Community Development to reach families throughout Ireland.