Children jump for joy

OurKidsCode Launch – 6 October 2018

The formal launch of OurKidsCode took place at Microsoft’s DreamSpace on Saturday 6 October 2018 to coincide with EU Codeweek. We gathered together the teams from Trinity College and the National Parent’s Council along with some of the families that have participated and lots of our friends and supporters.

Earlier in the day, at the same venue, the NPC’s team of trainers were introduced to the workshops that they will be delivering in creative computing for families. Their training included taking part in a workshop themselves and observation of a small group of families engaging in such a workshop.

OurKidsCode launch group photo
Mags Amond, Nina Bresnihan, Stephen Howell, Aine Lynch and Julie Power

We’d like to thank everyone who was involved in making the day a big success: Microsoft for being such great hosts, the NPC trainers for their patience and enthusiasm, the fabulous families who got stuck in to the activity, our steering committee, and all our other supporters including the ones that couldn’t make it on the day.






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